Wendy Day: With an impressive career supporting artists such as Eminem and Cash Money Records, Wendy Day is a seasoned music industry veteran. She is the founder of the Rap Coalition, a non-profit organization assisting independent artists for over 25 years.


Ferrari Simmons: Transitioning from On-Air Radio personality to Mixshow and Lifestyle Coordinator for Warner Records, Ferrari Simmons brings a wealth of A&R and DJ expertise to the event. He is also the host of The Baller Alert Podcasts and Rari-Talks Interviews.


Rapjuggernaut: A renowned music industry strategist and urban marketing expert, Rapjuggernaut is a member of The Core DJs Worldwide and co-founder of The Promo Vatican and Artist Revenue Solutions.


The Cheat Code Podcast is a weekly show hosted by three music industry experts: Wendy Day, Ferrari Simmons, and Rapjuggernaut. Together, they share their insights and expertise on everything from marketing and branding to financing and distribution. Whether you're an artist, a manager, or just a music lover, The Cheat Code is a must-listen for anyone who wants to succeed in the music business.

Together, these three experts bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to The Cheat Code Podcast. They share their insights on everything from the latest trends in music to the most effective marketing strategies. Whether you're just starting out in the music industry or you're a seasoned pro, The Cheat Code is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to succeed.

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