You can But Will You | Ep.80

You can But Will You | Ep.80

In Episode 80 of The Cheat Code, titled "You Can, But Will YOU?" we kick things off with a shoutout to our incredible supporters, urging them to grab our exclusive merch and coffee mugs—one for themselves and one for a friend. It's a great way to share the love!


Shifting gears, we delve into the fascinating world of Momagers. Rari highlights the growing trend of mothers taking on executive roles in their kids' careers, while Wendy reflects on the days when parents used to plead with her to dissuade their children from pursuing a career in the arts. We discuss the essential roles parents should play in nurturing and managing their kids' careers, emphasizing the need to understand the music business and commit to the journey.

Our conversation leads us to the topic of learning, where we debunk the notion that learning through authority or coercion is effective. We confront a stark reality—options are scarce, and only a select few are willing to work to become champions. The secret? Mastering the art of turning moments into more moments is a skill that megastar artists have honed to perfection.



Reflecting on the past, when the "work records" mentality prevailed, we marvel at today's wealth of resources. Artists now compete with fellow musicians and with books, shows, gaming, and various platforms. We explore why many artists perceive social media posting as fruitless labor and reveal the transformative power of monetization. Once accounts are approved for monetization, a world of perks and unlocked features awaits.


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