Work Hard, Win Big | Ep.76

Work Hard, Win Big | Ep.76

On Episode 76 of The Cheat Code, “Work Hard, Win Big” our hosts embark on a journey through a diverse range of topics, from the warmth of spreading love to the intricacies of small talk, travel tales, culinary delights like Philly cheesesteaks, and much more.

They delve into the heart of what it means to win and emphasize that when winning is your ultimate goal, you'll find the determination and resolve to overcome any obstacle.

Our hosts shed light on a common misconception: the idea that moving to a city like Atlanta guarantees success. They underscore the necessity of putting in the hard work, dispelling the illusion that success comes effortlessly.

Unafraid to confront the challenging aspects of success, our hosts explore those tasks that often seem daunting or undesirable but are essential for progress. They stress the importance of learning these vital skills or, alternatively, expending all your resources trying to compensate for what you haven't mastered.

The episode advocates for professionalism as a critical skillset that should be cultivated and nurtured. It encourages artists to ask themselves pivotal questions: What can I do to become a better artist? Where do my fans reside? What are their preferences?

Our hosts advocate dedicating time to perfecting your craft, ensuring that you can reap the rewards of your hard work. Because if you're not profiting from your music, rest assured that someone else is.


Join us as we explore these profound insights and actionable advice to help you flourish in your creative journey. The Cheat Code is your trusted guide to unlocking your true potential in the ever-evolving music industry.



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