"Surrounded By Winners" | Ep.84

"Surrounded By Winners" | Ep.84

n Episode 84 of The Cheat Code, we kick things off by sending a big shoutout to Aych for the fantastic Champa Bay merch he sent our way. It's incredible to see our Coderz bringing their visions to life, and we're here to celebrate and help them market their creations. Cheers to you, Tampa Bay, Florida! We also reminisce about some of our cherished memories from that vibrant city.

From the world of merch, we seamlessly transition into the realm of events, specifically DJ listening parties or, as they're often called nowadays, "Artist Playbacks." What exactly is an artist playback, and what distinguishes it? Is the music showcased at these events released or unreleased? Tune in to learn the ins and outs of planning and executing a successful artist playback.

Planning is key, and our hosts emphasize that, on average, it takes about 30 days to meticulously plan and flawlessly execute an event. Major kudos to Eventbrite for providing event checklists and budget sheets, invaluable tools that make organizing events more manageable.

If you're wondering about the right venue, the ideal number of attendees, or the best day and time to host your event, we've got you covered. We share tips, insights, and cost-effective strategies for Indie artists looking to host artist playbacks even with limited resources.

We dive into the resources available to us through major platforms for data mining and analytics. Building a strong resource pool and striving for constant improvement with each release are essential.

Our hosts pay their respects to Atlanta's hip-hop staples, including The Coalition DJs, ATLTop20 Family, Off the Porch with DGB, the Big Facts podcast, and more. Their unwavering support is invaluable as we strive to reach a wider audience and build a thriving community.

Tune in to Episode 84, titled "Surrounded By Winners," for an insightful and engaging discussion on artist playbacks, event planning, and making your mark in the music industry.

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