Money, Money, Money, | Ep. 81

Money, Money, Money, | Ep. 81

In Episode 81 of The Cheat Code, titled "Money, Money, Money," we're diving into a wealth of essential topics. Our hosts kick things off with a reminder about our awesome merch, including the coveted Cheat Code coffee mug – perfect for your morning inspiration!

But the main course for this episode is all about money. We explore the intricate relationship between money and the music industry. It's not just about making money; it's about understanding that money is a vehicle that grants you the freedom to make moves on your own terms. Money is fluid, and knowing how to navigate its ebbs and flows is key. We discuss downsizing and how it happens in various aspects of life and business. We emphasize the importance of knowing what you want to do, as it's the first step in budget allocation and successful planning.

If you're considering investing in your music project or seeking an investor, research and knowledge about how your music is received are crucial. The living legend, Wendy Day, shares her valuable method for determining the right time to drop songs, and it's a golden nugget of wisdom you won't want to miss.

Our hosts dive into how the film and TV industry is adopting data monitoring and tracking techniques from the music industry, making it a relevant topic for artists. We also celebrate the Writers of America returning to work and bringing back late-night TV and other beloved shows.


Adding value to your craft is essential, but it goes hand in hand with learning how to monetize your work. Elevating and growing require effective marketing and promotion, which means knowing your target audience and how to reach them.

The Cheat Code isn't just about shortcuts; it's about preserving your money, safeguarding your intellectual property, and maintaining your sanity. To help you on this journey, we break down the "Cost of Doing Business" for artists, giving you insights into how much you need to invest to make your music career profitable. It's a must-listen for anyone hungry to learn and reap the rewards of the music business.

Join us as we navigate the complex world of music and finance, providing you with valuable insights and strategies to thrive in the industry.

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