"Lets Go On Tour" | Ep.85

"Lets Go On Tour" | Ep.85

🎙️ Episode 85: "Let's Go On Tour" is here, and we're diving straight into the action!First, we share our passion for the Cheat Code Coffee Mug – the perfect gift for you and your fellow music enthusiasts. Get yours now and elevate your coffee game! ☕

Next, we unveil the invaluable College Radio Directory, a fantastic resource for artists. We emphasize the importance of the college demographic – a vital segment for your music's growth.

With homecoming schedules, promo campaigns, and campus visits on our minds, we explore when an artist is ready to make the financial commitment for a campus tour. Our hosts recount a game-changing campus visit that demonstrated the power of personal connections.Building relationships with student ambassadors and liaisons becomes crucial. Plus, we delve into the post-visit phase – what happens once you've left and how to maintain the momentum.

We provide insights into tour routing, highlighting the significance of the cities in between major tour stops. And let's not forget the vital role of digital communication and in-person connections to foster your fan base.Are you up for the challenge? Is it harder to get in the door, get established, or stay relevant in the music industry? Our hosts share their unique perspectives, and it's something we all can relate to.

In the end, it's about doing what you love every day. Join us for another insightful episode of The Cheat Code! 🚀🎶

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