'How To Stay Sharp, | Episode 71

'How To Stay Sharp, | Episode 71

"In Episode 71 of The Cheat Code, titled 'How To Stay Sharp,' our hosts take a deep dive into the world of staying sharp and on top of the game. The episode begins with reflections on the successful Cheat Code Live event, where positive energy flowed, ideas were exchanged, and everyone sought real insights from our hosts.

Discover the secrets of staying informed as our hosts discuss their favorite newsletters and websites, highlighting the wealth of information available. They encourage listeners to sign up for newsletters that pique their interest, offering a direct pipeline to valuable knowledge delivered straight to their inboxes.

As industry professionals, our hosts know the importance of taking a break, and they unveil the key to finding balance - schedules. Learn how to strategically plan your calendar to incorporate necessary resets between projects and tasks.

'Eat the Frog' - a concept explored by our hosts - advocates tackling the most challenging task first, allowing for smooth sailing ahead. Tune in to learn how to prioritize and optimize your productivity.

Join us for a dynamic episode filled with motivational insights, actionable tips, and strategies to stay sharp in the ever-evolving music landscape.


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