Flawless Execution | Ep. 79

Flawless Execution | Ep. 79

In Episode 79 of The Cheat Code, your hosts kick things off with an exciting announcement about our exclusive "Thank God for Wendy Day" t-shirt, available on our website. But we dive straight into the captivating world of music industry updates. 



Ferrari brings up the fascinating news of Warner Records signing a brand-new AI artist, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in music creation. Kingpin delves into the realm of Roblox, exploring its potential for adults, and he also shares insights about Boss clothing's dynamic collaboration with the NFL and Roblox.

But that's not all; we touch upon TikTok's Creator Program, designed to develop AR filters for the platform. It's an innovation that's changing the game for creators and influencers.

We also encourage our listeners to subscribe to our social media platforms, where insider information flows freely, helping our Cheat Coders stay ahead of the curve.

The episode takes a thought-provoking turn as we discuss "Gatekeeping." Is it a problem? Our hosts narrate a powerful story of how a simple act of kindness, offering an ice-cold bottle of water, forged a valuable relationship that secured five paid bookings for our client.

In a world where gossip and judgment often overshadow genuine conversations, we lament that "People would rather talk about you than sit down and talk with you." It's a poignant issue facing us in 2023, and we explore the importance of building connections and nurturing relationships.

Music executives, industry professionals, and those working behind the scenes get an encouraging message to step out, network, and be open to both learning and mentoring others.

Kingpin shares a personal journey of reconciliation with his father, highlighting the transformative power of love and understanding over time. This poignant moment leads to a discussion about the difference between a perfect result and a flawless execution. The goal isn't unattainable perfection but continual improvement, which demands diligence, tracking, and the courage to release and grow.

The episode concludes with a profound reflection on pain: "What is Pain? Pain is the question that asks, How bad do you want this? Embrace the pain!" Join us as we explore the multifaceted world of the music industry and the wisdom it imparts. 

Youtube: https://youtu.be/6F1v2m1QqWk

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