Episode 59: Can You Really Be Blackballed?

Episode 59: Can You Really Be Blackballed?

In the latest episode of The Cheat Code podcast, Wendy Day, Ferrari Simmons, and Rapjuggernaut tackle the issue of blackballing in the music industry. In Episode 59, titled "Can You Really Be Blackballed?", the hosts discuss the various factors that can lead to an artist being blacklisted and share their perspectives on why some artists feel like they've been blackballed.

The hosts also offer practical advice on how artists can maintain a positive reputation and avoid being blacklisted. They provide tips on building strong relationships with industry professionals and fans, as well as strategies for managing negative press and social media comments.

In addition to discussing blackballing, Ferrari shares his thoughts on non-planned drops and why they can be problematic, while Wendy brings her usual voice of reason and offers insights for aspiring artists. Join the conversation and gain a deeper understanding of the challenges that come with making it in the music industry.


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