Episode 54: Choosing A Distributor

Episode 54: Choosing A Distributor

On Episode 54 of The Cheat Code podcast, Wendy Day, Ferrari Simmons, and Rapjuggernaut discuss the importance of "Choosing Distribution." Ferrari asks, "Is there a Recipe for success in the music Business?" Wendy Day shares some of her wisdom, and Kingpin adds color commentary and insight. Music is an art form that requires passion, skill, and dedication to succeed. Aspiring musicians often ask the same question - what is the recipe for success in the music business? From Spotify's new tools to Youtube Music's new Radio feature, this episode is filled with insightful information and great outtakes, executively Produced by Shawna Reed, Sound by Blain3, and Video by NeulandCreatives.


Get the inside scoop on the music industry and unlock the secrets to success with The Cheat Code Podcast. Hosts Ferrari Simmons, Wendy Day, and Rapjuggernaut team up each Wednesday to share their GOAT-level knowledge and expertise in the music industry. Whether you're an artist wanting to break into the biz or an industry veteran looking for an edge, tune in to The Cheat Code Podcast for your weekly dose of inspiration and game-changing strategies.


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