Episode 18: "Staying On Point"

Episode 18: "Staying On Point"

Our hosts sit down and discuss various topics on this episode of The Cheat Code. “Staying On Point.” Wendy Day shares some things she does to stay razor sharp, Rari shares his daily routine asks the question of the day, and Kingpin talks about his addiction to the music business.. Join our goats every Wednesday for a new episode of the Industry's #1 Podcast "The Cheat Code." Got any questions you want to ask our hosts, or are interested in submitting a topic for discussion, contact getthecheatcode@gmail.com Tap in with "The Cheat Code" below, and please don't forget to Like, Comment and Share. And oh yeah, please turn on our notifications. Add @GetTheCheatCode New Episodes Wednesdays on your favorite streaming platform. Remember to turn on our post notifications to stay updated with our Crew The Cheat Code❗️



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The Cheat Code Podcast. Three 🐐’s on a Mission to Change the Game! Plug into the Industry's #1 source for information every Wednesday to stay updated and on track. Our Hosts: Wendy Day. The Undisputed Champion of the Culture. Rapjuggernaut. Master Strategist and Culture Ambassador. Ferrari Simmons. Music Director and Curator/Influencer Extraordinaire. Recorded in Atlanta, GA. Our goal is simple. WINNING! Our Mission is to educate and empower the masses by providing tips, tricks and leads on how to Play The Music Game properly. Getting to the next level is hard; why not let our masters of the Game help you "Level Up!" Add @GetTheCheatCode on All Social Platforms and Follow, Like, and Subscribe to our Profiles on ALL Streaming platforms. getthecheatcode@gmail.com | Tune In Daily, New Episodes Wednesday's on your favorite streaming platform. Remember to turn on our post notifications to stay updated with our Crew.



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