Emotionally Driven | Episode 72

Emotionally Driven | Episode 72

In Episode 72 of The Cheat Code, titled "Emotionally Driven," our hosts dive into the fascinating world of metadata and its profound impact on various aspects of our lives, from the way we use our devices to our daily living. The algorithms that govern our digital experiences can significantly influence our choices and behavior. In the music business, emotions play a pivotal role, guiding decisions and creative expressions. Art and music have the power to evoke emotions, and it is only natural that our industry operates from an emotionally driven perspective. However, the challenge lies in striking a balance and managing emotions without allowing them to cripple us.

Our hosts extend heartfelt gratitude to the Cheat Coderz for providing a compelling reason to continue seeking accurate and truthful information, essential for ongoing education and growth. They touch on the significance of saving people's jobs, acknowledging the importance of supporting and helping others. Yet, when faced with individuals who drain our energy and hinder progress, it becomes necessary to let go and prioritize a team-focused approach for collective success.

Building meaningful relationships is at the core of success, surpassing monetary gains. Our hosts highlight the value of hard work and networking, as relationships form the foundation of long-lasting achievements in the ever-evolving music landscape.

Join us as we explore the power of emotions, the impact of metadata, and the importance of cultivating a harmonious blend of emotions and logic to thrive in the music business.


The Cheat Code · Emotionally Driven [Episode 72]


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