Behind The Curtain | Episode 75

Behind The Curtain | Episode 75

In Episode 75 of The Cheat Code, titled "Behind The Curtain," our hosts provide an exclusive glimpse into the inner workings of the music industry. Journey with us as we unveil the hidden mechanisms that drive the captivating world of music creation, production, and promotion.

As seasoned industry insiders, our hosts navigate you through the complexities of the music landscape, shedding light on the strategies that power success. We explore the intricate dynamics of the final stretch of the year, diving into the pulse of the music scene as the school year resumes after summer and the holiday season approaches. This pivotal time shifts our focus from introducing new records to strategically promoting the tracks earmarked as priorities by your team.

For aspiring DJs and mixshow enthusiasts, our hosts offer a golden nugget of advice: submit your mixes for holiday weekend consideration at least two weeks prior to the scheduled holiday. Delve into the art of weaving indie records into mixes, where track length and the creation of an immersive journey for listeners take center stage.

Unveiling the secrets of anticipation, our hosts discuss the captivating skill of predicting the next song in a mix due to the adherence to a specific format. Reflecting on a recent studio session, we celebrate the synergy that blooms when like-minded individuals come together in a collaborative space, fostering creativity, technical discussions, and innovative ideas.

Collaboration emerges as a cornerstone theme, highlighting its role in nurturing the precious synergy and chemistry essential for sustained growth. The episode concludes with a thought-provoking message: "We're not telling you not to drop music; we're telling you to do it right, CheatCode!"

Prepare to journey through the enigmatic terrain of the music industry as we unveil the mechanisms that drive success and creativity. The Cheat Code is your compass in deciphering the intricacies of the industry and unlocking your full potential.


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