"A Winning Environment" | Ep.82

"A Winning Environment" | Ep.82

In this episode of The Cheat Code, titled "A Winning Environment," we kick things off with a nod to the BumpBoxx, diving right back into the world of salesmanship. The spotlight shines on becoming an Amazon Influencer, sharing how you can turn your daily product usage into money by recommending and selling these products. We emphasize the importance of using the Paid Advertisement sticker, showing that transparency can open doors for brand collaborations that you may not have known were possible.

Want to start creating content that attracts brand partnerships? We discuss the methods to achieve just that, but remember, it requires dedication and effort. As we pivot, we ponder which areas of the music industry lack sufficient information. Producers and Production need more education and information circulating within their community. The digital side, including Metadata, Data Mining, and Analytic Reviews, requires an overhaul to stay relevant and competitive.

We address a somewhat misleading social media post that suggests it takes zero money to start an account or a business. In reality, there are operating costs, and the importance of infrastructure setup cannot be understated. Our hosts reminisce about the '80s classic "War Games," reflecting on its prescient exploration of A.I. – a concept introduced to us 40 years ago.

Staying current on trends and remaining informed opens doors to becoming a beta tester on platforms like Instagram. We invite our CODERZ to DM us for access to a valuable social media news blast. Want to unlock the full potential of a platform? Dive in and explore the platform's intricacies. Want to learn? The answers are out there, waiting for you like Power Pellets in Pac-Man.

We delve into a research paper discussing the connection between emotions and virality, reminding us that topics are constantly evolving and require ongoing study. Beware of those who claim expertise in the unknown. We shift gears to address the frustration of working with individuals on different thinking tiers. To leave the world, the business, better than we inherited it, we surround ourselves with those who crave progress and action.

Handling personal situations at work can be tricky. We advocate for dialogue but discourage public grandstanding. Address issues privately to identify and solve any underlying concerns. It's possible to coexist with lazy colleagues by ensuring your department is immaculate and focusing on your own excellence. Remember, breeding a winning environment and addressing issues respectfully is key.

We conclude with a wise adage we've picked up along the way: "If you hang around a barber shop long enough, you'll get a haircut." See you next week for more Cheat Code insights.


Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhcF0wFpeHI

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