"Growth and Gratitude" | Ep. 83

"Growth and Gratitude" | Ep. 83

In this episode, we kick things off with an exciting update on our latest merchandise. We're thrilled to see our Coderz turning their visions into reality, and it's a win-win when they send us some swag to help them celebrate and promote. From T-shirts to hats and hoodies, it's all about embracing creativity and showcasing it to the world.

But we don't stop there. We take a moment to shine the spotlight on Aych from Tampa, Florida, who's not just an artist but a true representation of hip-hop in the Sunshine State's central region. We delve into our relationships with Florida and acknowledge the DJs who are making waves in the local music scene, including DJ C-Nazte, DJ Shizim, DJ Headbussa, DJ Winn, and many more.

The episode takes an exciting turn with a breaking announcement – Ferrari Simmons, our co-host, shares the news that he's no longer with Warner Records. Instead, he's back on the radio with iHeart Radio, hosting his new show "Rari at 2," which is set to be syndicated by 2024. It's a significant move, and we couldn't be more excited for Ferrari's next chapter.

Acknowledging the mentors at Warner Records who've played a pivotal role in his journey, Ferrari expresses his gratitude for the valuable experience and learning opportunities. Gratitude is indeed the word of the day.

We continue to explore the power of email and the benefits of setting up your inbox effectively. Ferrari gives a special shoutout to Kingpin, another co-host, for encouraging him to optimize his music servicing email blasts. We emphasize the importance of filters, organization, and customizing your email setup according to what matters most to you. Cheat Code subscribers can DM us on Instagram for exclusive email optimization documents, as email remains an underrated yet powerful tool in the digital age.

Email's accountability, date and time stamps, and file-sharing capabilities can empower you to handle business more effectively. Understanding the full potential of your email is the first step in maximizing your efficiency.

The episode then shifts to discussing the "Dj Blast" and why it's an invaluable tool. Sending music via email is more professional than texting, and it allows for sharing multiple versions, links to drops, analytics, visuals, and more. Building a community is a key part of our discussion, and we share our Community Building 101 tips, emphasizing the importance of engaging with your audience and keeping them informed.

In the grand finale, we leave you with this thought: the music business is participatory, and you have to actively engage in your journey to success. It starts with checking your email and staying connected. Join us for another insightful episode on The Cheat Code!

Stay tuned for more and keep those messages and feedback coming. Let's continue to grow together.


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